Inspection Services

TRU owners can provide inspection services for either trunk internal decay imaging and/or subsurface structural root biomass mapping.

A tree trunk is scanned at multiple elevations - typically 6 ft, 5 ft, 4 ft,
3 ft and 2 ft in under 30 minutes. A complete ground roots scan can be performed in 30 to 60 minutes.

The customer is provided with a professional graphical report that shows:

  • Cross-sectional image at each elevation scanned
  • Plot of remaining solid wood thickness at each elevation scanned
  • Comments from the TreeRadar analyst regarding interpretation of the images
  • Plot of subsurface structural root density showing the 360-degree shape and extent of the subsurface root structure at varying distances from the trunk

These results can then be used by a certified arborist, along with other traditional criteria, to assess the risk for a tree whose health and structural integrity may have been compromised by decay and loss of solid wood.

Preparing to inspect tree trunk with TRU System

Setting up to do a TRU System inspection. Grids are placed
at 1-foot intervals.

Collecting data with TRU System

TreeRadar personnel collecting radar data around the circumference of the tree using
TRU System.

Tree Radar personnel collecting roots radar data using both the
Semi-Automated and Automated data collection methods.