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City of Montevideo Endorsement Letter

The City of Montevideo has been performing studies to determine the vegetative condition of hundreds of trees in parks and roads with the objective of improving the management of urban trees.

Mr. Andrés Vernengo was hired to perform non-­‐invasive studies of the root system and internal condition of trunks. Mr. Vernengo utilizes an innovative technology manufactured by TreeRadar, Inc. (USA) called the TRU™ (TreeRadar Unit), that implements ground-­‐penetrating radar to perform 100% non-­‐invasive inspection of both trunks and roots. » Read more...

El Palo Alto, a tree that's the city's namesake, undergoes TreeRadar testing

ISA Certified Arborist Robert Booty of San Jose's Arborist OnSite, donated TreeRadar scanning to help preserve the tree and find hidden internal problems.

El Palo Alto is one of Silicon Valley's most ancient of living objects: a redwood tree, and is a namesake to the city and witness to history.

TreeRadar uses radio waves, analyzed by special software, to identify small holes or cracks in the wood that could signal trouble. Because these radio waves can also detect moisture -- just like Doppler weather radar tracks rainstorms -- they can reveal root patterns hidden under concrete or asphalt.

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TreeRadar in Smithsonian Gardens

One of their large American elm trees at the National Museum of Natural History was being affected by disease and decay issues that were leading to its rapid decline. TreeRadar helped to determine the extent of the problems and to evaluate the safety of the tree.

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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry

Ground-penetrating Radar Accurately Locates Tree Roots in Two Soil Media Under Pavement

by Nina Bassuk, Jason Grabosky, Anthony Mucciardi, and Gary Raffel
July 2011

Soil Physics

Ground-Penetrating Radar Detection and Three-Dimensional Mapping of Lateral Macropores:
I. Calibration

by Kevin H. Gormally, Marla S. McIntosh, and Anthony Mucciardi
July-August 2011

Soil Physics

Ground-Penetrating Radar Detection and Three-Dimensional Mapping of Lateral Macropores:
II. Riparian Application

by Kevin H. Gormally, Marla S. McIntosh, Anthony Mucciardi, and Gregory W. McCarty
July-August 2011

Arboriculture & Urban Forestry

Preliminary Evidence for Using Statistical Classification of Vibration Waveforms as
an Initial Decay Detection Tool

by Anthony N. Mucciardi, Christoper J. Luley, and Kevin H. Gormall
September 2011




Tree Services Magazine

Radar Vision: Look Inside Your Trees

by Patrick White
April, 2007

The Capital

Three Towering Trees Removed as Hurricane Season Begins

by Vanessa Franko
June 6, 2006

Washington Post

Radar Device Offers Non-Invasive Way to See What Ails Trees

By Dan Morse
Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005

Democrat and Chronicle

By Misty Edgecomb
Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005


By Meredith Hooker
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005

The Washington Post  "District Extra"

Radar for Trees:  New Device May Save Trees Near Power Lines

by Paul Schwartzman
Thursday, November 11, 2004

TRU Root Inspections in the UK (Duramen Tree Care)

Go to Duramen Tree Care site

This link describes recent experience in the UK using the TRU system to discover where tree roots are located.